Triathlon Distance Half (1900 meters swimming, 90 km cycling, 21.1 km walking race)
Triathlon average distance 60.0 (1900 m swimming, 47.4 km cycling, 10.7 km race)


Cambados September 10, 2017 at 8:30 am distance half113 and 8:45 half distance 60.0. Situation of the boxes, transition area and goal. Dock of Tragove GPS coordinates: lactitude 42 ° 31’8.65 “N length 8 ° 49’12.50” W Departure of swimming. Calle Alameda de San Tomé GPS coordinates: lactitude 42 ° 30’33.26 “N length 8 ° 49’0.93” W


Ocean Lava Galicia is a competition open to anyone, born before in 1997 and previous, regardless of nationality. Athletes who are not in possession of a license from the Spanish Federation of triathlons must pay as a one day license the amount of 12.00. Sportsmen from other countries must send, within 7 days from the moment of registration, an email with a certification of their federation to have a license and international insurance coverage, for the test, to In the event that the license does not have accident insurance to cover the test must also pay the license of one day, € 12.00. The amount of the one-day license will be paid with the corresponding registration. Each athlete is directly responsible for ensuring that he or she does not present any health problems or contraindications that prevent or simply discourage taking
Part in the competition.

Entries in half distance limited to 500 participants

Entries in distance 60.0 limited to 150 participants
Once the inscriptions have been completed, a waiting list will open and the limits can be modified, if all places are not covered in any of the modalities. The organization reserves places for sponsors, invitations and sweepstakes.



95,00 € 100 FIRST INSCRIPTIONS (LIMIT 10/07/2017)

€ 120.00   Until 08/27/2017   (Deadline for registration)


45.00 €   UNTIL 06/10/2017

50.00 €   UNTIL 10/07/2017

60.00 €   UP TO 08/27/2017 (registration deadline)


The registration for the two distances will be made on the page in the link enabled for this purpose.



MEDIA DISTANCE 60.0: MAY 24, 2017





The returns will be requested by email addressed to:


For € 30.00 can be contracted at the time of registration. Total refund of the amount if requested until August 31, 2017.


The federative license with photo and / or DNI will be required for access to the transition area.


Participants without a federation license may participate with a 1 day license, for a fee of € 12.00 (which will be increased at the registration price)

Protocol of action in case of a sports accident


Half test test at 8:30 a.m. Output test medium distance 60.0 at 8:45 h.


GUARDARROPA In the area of ​​the swimming exit will be available to the athletes a wardrobe service, in the moments prior to the exit of the test. The belongings deposited at this point will be transferred to the post-goal area, where the athletes must remove them. All athletes who choose to use this service must do so in the way specified by the organization. The organization will make available to the athletes post competition supplies as well as service showers and changing rooms in the vicinity of the transition zone.


The athlete expresses and makes clear on his own responsibility when making his registration and accept this regulation, which gathers and has physical, psychological and technical skills necessary to face the competition successfully and finish each segment within the times of Cut delimited by the organization.The possession of the federative license does not guarantee or cover this responsibility. Likewise,                                                                                                                                                                  :
 Be responsible for your own safety and that of all other competitors.  Know and respect the rules of competition.  Know routes and circuits.  The participant who leaves the competition is obliged to remove the dorsal and communicate it to the judges and officials of the event.  He will obey the indications of the officers.  At all times respect the rules of circulation.  Treat other athletes, officials, volunteers and spectators with respect and courtesy.  It will respect the environment of the areas in which the competition is held, it is strictly forbidden to litter the circuit, this fact may cause disqualification.


– It is made known that photos and videos of the test will be made, which will be published on the websites of the organizers and in the different media. Upon registration, participants authorize the release of photos and videos.
– Acofide 2000 Xestión, SL, with CIF B70460381 as an organization of Ocean Lava Galicia, disclaims all responsibility for damages, breakage, loss or subtraction of any type of material used for this test.
-The organization of the Ocean Lava Galicia reserves the right to alter, modify or suppress a part or the whole of the test if, for reasons of force majeure or last-minute exceptional circumstances, it was forced to do so (earthquakes, epidemics, Climate, strikes, wars, governmental restrictions, or any other element beyond its control or responsibility) or for better compliance and security of the scheduled activities or contracted services. If necessary it would modify the competition, making it a duathlon, aquathlon, running on foot, etc., but in
No case would be changed of date, in the last case would be suspended.
– In the event that, in advance, the date of the test should be modified due to causes not related to the organization such as those mentioned above (natural disasters, elections, works on the circuit …), once the registration deadline Organization would propose a new date. In no case will be covered the expenses incurred to the participants nor the amount of the inscriptions.
– The amount paid will not be refunded in case of cancellation or for altering, modifying or deleting the published itineraries due to the causes of force majeure related in the previous paragraphs.
– Ocean Lava Galicia reserves the right to modify or make changes without prior notice.
– Ocean Lava Galicia reserves the right of admission.


The Ocean Lava Galicia is governed by the Official Rules of Competition and regulations of the Spanish Federation of Triathlon and Galician Federation of Triatlon in force at the time of its celebration.



– The athlete will wear the hat provided by the organization.

– The athlete can swim in the style you want.  You can walk or run through the bottom at the beginning and at the end.  You can stand where you stand or with the corks or buoys you can.  Stand along the route, but do not use it to advance.  The athlete must make the course marked  The athlete can not receive external assistance  In case of emergency, the athlete should raise his arm and request assistance. Once attended, the athlete must withdraw from the competition.  It is forbidden to carry the dorsal in the swimming segment, but neoprene is used.  Compression stockings are only allowed if the neoprene suit is worn.  Artificial aids, such as the use of shovels, mitts, fins, breathing tubes, etc. Are not allowed. Hands and feet should be uncovered.Swim goggles are allowed.  When neoprene is not allowed, adequate clothing should be worn covering the body.
It is the responsibility of each athlete to know the routes


– The use of the neoprene suit can be compulsory, optional or prohibited, depending on the distance and the temperature of the water. If the water temperature is
Less than 13 ° C, the swimming test can not be held.  The official water temperature will be measured one hour before departure.  Athletes aged 50 and over are allowed to participate in
Neoprene at any water temperature.


– During the cycling tour it will be mandatory to carry the number of rider on the bike,
E-helmet and on the back of the athlete.
– The handlebars and couplings are allowed as long as they do not extend beyond the leading edge of the wheel. The two-piece couplings do not need to be attached but their ends should be plugged just like the handlebar.
– Athletes must obey and respect the traffic rules applied in a specific way to the competition (always circle on the right)

– Athletes who leave the competition spaces for safety reasons must join the competition without gaining any advantage.
– During the cycle segment it is absolutely forbidden to cross the center line of the road and the road code must be respected at all times.


– It is not allowed to go to wheel (drafting). This is a NO DRAFTING test. It is also not allowed to block other athletes or progress without a bicycle.
– It is not allowed to take advantage of the wake of other vehicles
– An athlete shall be considered to be in breach of that rule when located somewhere within the rectangle delimited by 12 m. Long and 3 m. Wide.
This area is known as a “drafting zone”. An athlete may enter the zone
Of drafting to advance the athlete that precedes him. To do this maneuver has 25 seconds. The athlete who has been exceeded has 5 seconds to delay 12 m.However, it is established in the following exceptional and momentary situations in which it is possible to go by wheel, and always under the decision of the judges and officials who are controlling the test:

to. In an overtaking.
B. In the victualling area
C. At the entrance or exit of the transition area
D. In pronounced turns and for safety reasons.
and. When a triathlete is being advanced, he is obliged to leave the drafting area of ​​the triathlete that is overtaking him and to delay the 12 m. Corresponding. It is forbidden to cut to another triathlete and as a general rule always on the right side of the road, except in those areas designated and authorized by the organization, It is mandatory to use the number in this sector.

– The blue card will be used for drafting infractions during the cycling segment. The official will advise the athlete, after showing the blue card, that he must stop at the next penalty area and follow the indications of the officials assigned to that area. The athlete is responsible for stopping at the next penalty area after receiving the penalty. Failure to stop at the next penalty area will result in disqualification of the athlete. 3 Blue cards represent the disqualification of the athlete.

– You can not have external assistance of any kind except the one offered by the organization and the official doctors. Triathlon is an individual sporting event.

It is the responsibility of the athlete to know the routes


The traffic will be totally cut to the circulation of vehicles, will be controlled by the organization, the Civil Guard, the Local Police, and Civil Protection.


– During the standing race it will be mandatory to bring the rider in front and clearly visible at all times, as well as another element that the organizer, according to the Technical Delegate considers appropriate (bracelets, double dorsal …)
– You can walk or run.
– It is not allowed to run with the helmet on.  The athlete can not use fences, poles, trees and other fixed elements to facilitate turns in the corners.


The layout of the foot race will be closed to traffic and correctly delimited. Parallel to the same will circulate vehicles. The athletes must circulate by the route indicated by the organization not being responsible for the damages that could cause or suffer an athlete that leaves the established route.


Distance half 113

Swimming: 1h 10 ‘from the start. (9:40 hours)

Cycling: 4h 45 ‘from the start (swimming + cycling) (13:15 hours)

Walking: 7h 30 ‘from the start (swimming + cycling + race) (16:00 hours)

Average distance 60.0

Swimming: 1h 10 ‘from the start (9:55 hours)

In the remaining segments the cut-off time will be the same time as the half113 distance.


– All equipment of the triathlete must be properly placed in place
Assigned to each participant by his bicycle.

– It is only allowed to leave in the assigned space, the material to be used during the competition. Backpacks, towels and other materials will be removed.

– If there is a basket to leave the material, it will also be used to leave the material already used.

– The helmet, cycling shoes, goggles and other cycling equipment may be placed on the bicycle. The helmet has to be placed face up and with the straps unbuttoned and visible outside the helmet.

– Marks or identifications are not allowed in the transition area. These will be withdrawn, just like any other equipment that does not correspond to the competition.

– It is forbidden to introduce any glass containers into the transition areas.

– All participants must circulate through the transition areas according to the traffic established by the organizer, not being allowed to shorten the transition route (crossing under the supports, jumping over areas reserved for each participant, etc.).

– For access to this area all athletes must identify themselves with the federative license or the DNI.


– No part of the hull may have been modified.
– The use of the helmet, properly fastened, is obligatory from before taking the bicycle until after leaving it in the transition area. This includes, therefore, the whole segment of cycling and walking through the transition areas in possession of the bicycle


– You can not compete with the naked torso in any case. The lower part of the trunk should be properly covered. The two straps of the garment that covers the trunk must be correctly placed on the shoulders.
– One-piece uniforms are advisable, but two-piece uniforms are allowed. The uniform should completely cover the torso at the front. The back
Can be discovered from the waist up.
– It is not allowed to use headphones, mobile phones, camcorders, gopro or
Any other electronic device.


– During the cycling tour it will be mandatory to bring the number of rider in the
Bike, helmet and back of the sportsman.
– During the race on foot it is obligatory to carry the rider in front position and clearly visible at all times.
– The ridges can not be cut, bent or altered in any way.

– It is prohibited to transfer the ridge to another person.


Any unsportsmanlike conduct, rude, derogatory or rude language towards officials, spectators and other competitors is strictly prohibited.


– All personal equipment and belongings of the triathlete used in the competition, must remain with him at all times in the race (or in his personal space
In the transition area)  It is not allowed to throw any type of garbage, clothes, etc. at any point in the race.


– Triathletes can not receive any kind of help, either outside or between, apart from the one established by the organization in certain areas.
– It is not allowed to accompany the participants in any of the three segments on foot, neither in vehicles nor in boats.
– Only allowed to be accompanied in any part of the circuit, including the goal line of athletes who are inside the competition.


All participants must pass the material control. This will be held on Saturday September 9 in the schedule established by the organization. In the same will be observed:

  • Terms
  • Regulations and safety of neoprene (in case its use is permitted)
  • Regulatory conditions of the bicycle and helmet.
  • The correct placement of the bibs and other equipment.


All athletes must be under the orders of the judges / departure officials with sufficient time for departure. Depending on the number of participants this can be between 15 ‘or 30’ before departure, according to the process that is set in the technical meeting.


The test will have electronic timing. The organization may demand at the time of delivery of the bins a deposit as a deposit of the chip. The time of each triathlete will start counting from the start of the starting horn until it crosses the finish line, including the transitions.


There will be an absolute male and a female category and another category classification (sub 23, veteran 1, veteran 2 and veteran 3)


There will be trophies to the first absolute classified men and women and also by categories in the distance half113 as in the average distance 60.0.

In distance half the top 3 male and female classified will receive the following economic awards:

– 250,00 € 1st classified
– 150,00 € 2nd place
– 100,00 € 3rd place


In accordance with the provisions of Article 5 of the Organic Law 15/1999 of December on the Protection of Personal Data, which regulates the right to information in the collection of data, we inform you of the following:

Personal data provided to us at the time of registration and other communications will be processed in the files of Acofide 2000 Xestión, SL and Federación Galega de Triatlón and PM.

The delivery of data is mandatory to be able to make the registration. They will not be destined for a purpose other than that which has been facilitated.Likewise, these data will not be transferred to third parties, except for legally permitted assignments.

We also inform you of the possibility of exercising the corresponding rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in accordance with what was established in Law 15/1999 before Acofide 2000 Xestión, SL and Federación Galega de Triatlón and PM, as responsible for the file. The above rights can be exercised by email

During the test photos and videos of the test will be made, which will be published on the websites of the organizers and in the different media. Upon registration, participants authorize the release of photos and videos.


The organization reserves the right to cancel, modify or complement these competition regulations. These regulations are drafted in compliance with FETRI 2017.